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Tech Edge Fulton's Winches & Winders    SGS - ISO 9001 System Certification

About Us - Winches, Winders & Hoists

Since our beginnings in 1928 as J. K. Fulton Winches, Winders & Hoists, Tech Edge Group has supplied the full range of professional engineering design and manufacturing services to the mining, civil and, more recently, the aviation industries.

Our group structure is geared to offer state of the art technology coupled with the ability to provide

  • Fast response
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Engineering excellence
  • Registered Professional Engineers
  • Innovative solutions
  • Turnkey packages

Our list of products includes:

Winches, Winders & Hoists

  • Evaluation Inspections
  • Turnkey design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning
  • Modernisation and Refurbishments
  • Winder Parts and Gearboxes
  • Hydraulic, electrical and braking systems for Winders & Hoists

We have the design capabilities and the supporting structure in-house and from specialist sub-contractors to offer single drum, double drum and Koepe winders up to 5metre drum diameter and 280kN rope pull.

Explosion Protection

Ground Support Equipment (Aerospace)

  • Hydraulic Test Rigs
  • Aircraft jacks
  • Bomb Loaders
  • General equipment for the aerospace industry

Winding & Hoisting

Our engineering team produces winder solutions that focus on the customer’s need to maximise productivity, while evaluating safety, site conditions, skills availability and other considerations.

The greater depths at which mines are extracting raw materials present greater and greater challenges in providing efficient and safe winder solutions. Winches & Winders has vast experience since 1928 in meeting these challenges using qualified engineering staff capable of reliable and innovative design solutions and project management.

All projects are completed using the group’s modern engineering expertise and unique innovative thinking in applications ranging from materials hauling through shaft sinking winding solutions, to mines rescue, where we have pioneered mobile winding applications.

We have a fully operational CAD department, with Finite Element Analysis in house, backed up by efficient administrative and clerical staff, all geared to provide a quality service to our customers.

Fulton winders are renowned for their robust reliability, with over 6,000 Fulton winches, winders and hoists having been installed in South Africa and internationally.

All of our business processes use a certified quality management system in accordance with the DIN EN ISO Standards 9001:2008.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We deliver maximum quality, reliability and safe operating efficiency, always in accordance with legislation and optimization for safety.

Our programme includes ongoing R&D of winder components, including Telemetrised Strain Gauging.

Winches & Winders manufactures the Fulton range of winders for use mainly in the southern African mining industry.

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